Johnson Controls Facility Explorer line of  supervisory and field controllers allow us to gain control of all HVAC equipment from implementing schedules, reset strategies and customized control logic to suit your facility, A Constant Controls installed building automation systems save money, prolong equipment life, ease the overall building operation process and most importantly improves occupants comfort.
With the ability to trend and archive data if required, your BAS will allow you to see & even predict mechanical issues before they become troublesome. System alarm events can be displayed in numerous ways including local displays, supervisory control level & even via E-mail to ensure you are always aware of your facilities operation & needs. Merged together with building accurate 3D graphics your HVAC equipment manageability will be at its highest convenience.

Lighting Control

Take control of peak rates with lighting automation.  With time of day scheduling, occupancy sensors, photo cells & load shedding capabilities energy savings are quickly noticed with lighting control. With the ability to integrate into most industry leading BAS supervisory controllers, your lighting and HVAC systems will work as one.

CO Control

Many parking garage fans operate continuous or operate off a simple time of day schedule.
These systems often leave equipment operating when there no CO present. The end result is wasted energy and unnecessary run time. With the addition of a CO detection system exhaust fans only operate when there is CO present.

All or any of these measures will improve energy savings, cut down on premature equipment wear & provide superior control levels.